Woodstock Meats was opened in March 1964 by Phil Spinelli. Vince Christofora later took over from Phil, after working for years across the street at the now-closed Grand Union. Vince's son Kevin then took over in 20**, and worked to expands store selection, including bringing in many regional products. Kevin also created an incredible line of raw dog food (still available), called Butcher's Blend. 

In July 2015, Dave Majuri, Ian Martin, and Nels Leader took over from Kevin Christofora. Dave and Nels grew-up in Woodstock doing karate together at Mountain View Studio. They met Ian as adults, and quickly learned that Ian is a Woodstock spirit at heart despite growing up just to the south. Ian is now a home owner in Woodstock, where he lives with his wife and Woodstock Meats shop keeper, Cathy.